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These represent the core of who we are and the work we do.

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1. Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS

Ensuring full access to Reproductive Health services and information will encourage smart life choices. Awareness and prevention is the stronghold of Droty Uganda’s fight against HIV/AIDS.

The first HIV/AIDS case in Uganda was found in Rakai district. Kyotera district was in 2017 curved out of Rakai district. Characteristically, these districts are poverty stricken and reported with higher HIV/AIDS prevalence (12%) young people being the most affected. More behavioural challenges are unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted infections, transactional and cross-generational sex that are grossly exploitative, especially for the girl child.

2. Youth Livelihood Program

Our primary focus for community youth livelihood program is in the areas of education, skilling and employment. We believe that these major goals are fundamental to the overall youth development and empowerment as they will reduce inequality, combat poverty and hunger.

3. Environmental Conservation Program

“We seek to contribute towards the promotion and conservation of sustainable management of water resources, wetlands and ecosystems through our advocacy for provision of safe and clean water to rural communities and the protection as well as restoration of natural environments and ecosystems.”

We envision a green and ecofriendly environment in our rural communities through; - massive planting of several tree species, advocating for use of recyclable materials, alternative means of access to renewable energy while taking keen interest in sustainable waste management.

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