About Us

We are a youth led Non-profit organization established in 2016 to empower underprivileged rural young people between ages 10 -24 years in Kyotera and Rakai districts situated in the south western Uganda.

Dreams of the Tropical Youth Uganda seeks to make significant contribution in the areas of Sexual Reproductive Health and HIV/AIDS, youth livelihoods and environmental conservation.

Main Goal

To transform vulnerable and disadvantaged rural young people into informed and empowered youth who can make smart choices.

  • Health Run

      This charity run is a fundraising event that aims at assisting education of the rural poor. At Droty Uganda, we believe that education is a strong pillar for human survival and it’s through education that young people be most empowered to lead productive lives.

  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Support

      This intervention supports the education of orphans of HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable children. Supporting education of the OVC is to give them a chance to realize a brighter future which is not easily attained by the kind of children they are. We concentrate on payment of school fees and basic scholastic material such as books and writing pens.

  • Just A Drop; Clean Water Project

      This supports rural schools that lack separate toilet facilities for girls as well as communities that lack clean water. Girls are provided with dignifying environments to enable promote good MHM with less judgment from boys. Further still, the schools get hand washing facilities and incinerators.


Thematic areas:

1. Healthcare, HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention.

2. Education and livelihoods promotion.

3. Environmental conservation and protection.


To provide knowledge and skills to the disadvantaged rural youth to enable them recognize and use the resources around them for their holistic empowerment.

Our Values:

Teamwork: We value the synergy brought by team work. We seek to broaden our collaborations across sectors as a means of increasing efficacy of our work and services.

Excellence: We value high quality standards in our work. It should embed creativity and innovation.

Commitment: We seek to understand young people's challenges and commit to the development of sustainable solutions to ensure that they enjoy the fullness of life.

Integrity: Our work is aligned with our beliefs in accountability, transparency and honesty.

Resilience: We are adaptable to the changing environment of young people.

Diversity: We understand that youth are part of all races, ethnicities, religions, educated and uneducated, disabled and abled, employed and unemployed, rural and urban; and we seek to be all inclusive in our programs.

We are Social